We offer video production for promotion and problem solving.

In this digital age, video is the most powerful tool to help your message reach the right audience.

Luckily, you’ve found Doppelgänger. We create everything – from engaging social media content and promotional ads to enticing product launch videos and long-form training series.

Our team has years of experience working with national and international clients, and we bring that experience to small and medium-sized businesses.

The best part? You’ll get all of this for a fraction of what you’d spend with a large video production studio!

We work within your budget to create exactly what your company needs. If you’re working to promote a product or service, communicate with your audience, solve a complex problem or enhance your digital presence, it’s time to gäng up!




Motion Graphics


Concept Development

Before we turn on a camera or wake up a computer, we pick up our pencils. A solid concept, engaging script and clear direction is the foundation of powerful creative work.

Creative Production

On-location and in the zone. Production is problem-solving, and we thrive under pressure. Your project may need pro-quality footage, branded motion graphics or both! Production is when all of those assets will be created.


This is where we shine. Years in the agency environment sharpened our skills. Our crew might be cutting film like a samurai, animating graphics like a dancer’s ribbons or integrating sound design to entice the senses. In post, our creative assets get polished until they shine like gold.


Use our Project Scope Calculator to get your ideas moving.


Time to gäng up.

Looking for video production? Together, we can craft your unique story and give the world a reason to love your brand!


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